“Within three months I dropped almost all of my body fat, and gained a lot of lean muscle. Along with finally seeing my 6 pack for the first time in my life, all of my back and sciatica problems are diminished thanks to Bob!”
– Chris J

“Years of chronic knee and hip pain seemed inevitable, until Bob taught me about aligning my body and stretching out overactive muscles. My joints feel 20 years younger now!”
– Greg U

“After just one application of Kinesio-Tape, inflammation and pain in my ankle decreased significantly!”
– Julie T

“I have been working out for years, and have worked as a personal trainer myself, but as soon as I started working with Bob, I realized there was a whole other world of training that I did not know about. His training took me right off my 6 month plateau, and I immediately began dropping body fat!”
– Amy

“After my recent rotator cuff surgery, and physical therapy, my shoulder was still giving me many problems. After learning just a few technical stretches from bob, and a few kinesio-tape applications, my shoulder feels new again!”
– Emilio C

“After many doctors visits, MRI’s, and chiropractors appointments, I finally decided to talk to Bob about my neck pain. After one look at my MRI, he immediately identified the problem and set me up on a daily stretch and exercise routine that I could do on my own! After 10 years of suffering, it only took two weeks of following Bobs program before I felt almost complete relief!”
– Steve C