About us

With over 20 years combine experience, Leidel Fitness trainers and therapists are among the best in the industry. All Trainers are required to carry the most prestigious National Certifications, are continually being educated in the evolving fitness industry, are very experienced, and are all hand picked by the company owner and head trainer, Bob Leidel.

Bob has been in the exercise field for many years. He holds many certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Muscle and Fitness, the University of South Florida and South University-Tampa. He is a corrective exercise specialist, who focuses on helping the fellow man, his community, neighbors, friends, and family more than any other company leader in the industry. He has developed his entire company around being able to help others in the most effective and inexpensive way possible.

“To improve the quality of lives is my goal, fitness is the key mechanism.”
– Bob Leidel